Workplace Sanitization


We do the following.


Electrical Services

Warehouse and Security lighting

Tenant Installations

Infrared scanning

Earth Leakage Testing

Inverter installation

Distribution Board

Service contract on maintenance

Led Conversion

Fault finding

Generator installations

Air Conditioning Sanitisation and Supplies


We do the following.


* Office, School, Vehicle and Home Sanitisation

Disinfection and Fumigation

*Sanitiser Fogger and Machine

*Surface Disinfectant and Sanitiser

*Hand Sanitiser (70% alcohol liquid and gel)

*Anti-Bacterial Dish Washing Liquid

*Anti-Bacterial Dispenser Hand Soap

*Hand and Surface Sanitiser Liquid

*Surgical and Medical Masks

*DIY Fog Cans

Computer Room, Network Cabling & Other Projects


We do the following.



From Home Wireless networks, Home Offices and Restaurants to Office Buildings we craft solutions to meet your needs.



We are fully equipped for installations on commercial properties of any type.



Factories, Processing Plants, Telecommunications.



Duct Cleaning


We do the following.


* Control of microbial contaminants with an EPA       Registered Product.

* Increased efficiency of air handlers and related         equipment.

* Reduces odour.

* Prolongs life of HVAC system.

* Reduces energy costs.


Electrical and Control Boards


The electrical automation and control panels are panels where instruments for connection, control, maneuver, protection, measurement, signaling and distribution are found, all these small devices that make up the electrical panel allow an electrical installation to work properly.


* Automation and control panels.

* Boards for industrial gas analyzers.

* Electric distribution boards.


De-Contamination of Premises


We offer commercial and residential disinfection services.


We only use professional-grade, high-quality disinfectant.

* Disinfection for Commercial Properties

* Disinfection for Vehicles

* General Cleaning + Viral Disinfection Add-on

* Disinfection for Residential Properties