We specialize in the following types of air conditioning units;


  • Mid-wall units
  • Cassette units
  • Under ceiling units
  • Hide away units
  • Package units and Chillers Refrigeration


Key Services Offered :

  • Air conditioning
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is one of our areas of specialization and we use various equipment and expertise to deliver a quality service in air conditioning and refrigeration to our clients.
  • Air conditioning
  • Installations servicing and maintenance of all kinds of air conditioning units
  • Repairs to all kinds of air conditioning units.


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Our Core Services

Repairs on all types refrigeration machines

* Mid Wall Units

We come to you

* You ring we come , it is one of our main aim to come to our clients ,we are happy to take your problems and fix them whilst you carry on with your business.

Technical Experts

* We boast of our experience as we have a combined 30 years experience in the field.

Chiller & Freezer Refrigeration

* We install Package units and Chillers Refrigeration in trucks and vans.

Under Ceiling Units

* We install under ceiling units in homes and offices.

Electrical Connections

* Every air condition unit or refrigeration unit will definitely come with some electrical connections. At Arctic Air we are glad to do the connections as we have the right tools and man power to do the tasks.

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Our Experts say

Free Advice

Keep the Curtains Closed Natural light can help reduce your lighting costs, but when no one is in a room, it’s best to keep the curtains closed during the day. It is especially true for houses with windows facing east and west. Keeping direct sunlight from entering the house helps reduce the amount of work your air conditioner has to do. To maximize cooling, open the drapes, blinds or curtains in the evening to allow heat to escape through the windows.

Filter Issues

Always make sure that cooling fan is clean. If the dirt of the fan is noticeable, contact your us today.

Areas of Expertise


We install heavy duty industrial ,office and home air conditioning and refrigeration units across the market.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

We specialize in home ,office and warehouse air conditioning and refrigeration.

Commissioning and Decommissioning

We are capable to do any small and major maintenance work for all your air conditioning and refrigeration needs Call us today for a free no obligation quote..